"McKinley Protection"

Song Analysis Worksheet

Instructions: Answer each question and cite specific lyrics if appropriate.

1st verse: 

What do the lyrics argue about why we need tariffs? 





4th verse:

What does the line "We've had Coxey's armies and tramps by the score, Poor people are suffering the whole country o'er" refer to? 





What is it trying to imply about who tariff protection will help? 





5th verse:

What does this verse argue about the price of goods, with and without a tariff? 





How does it defend against the argument? 





6th verse (extra credit):

What does it mean, that "we won't have a fifty cent dollar…when we get McKinley Protection"? 





7th verse:

The lyrics are addressing a specific audience — who is this song trying to appeal to? 





General Questions:

Who is the McKinley in the song? 





What political party did he belong to? 





What does the book say about why McKinley's party supported tariffs and why the other political party did not? 





Explain the rationale for this song. Why was it written? Who is it trying to appeal to? Would the arguments have been believable to the intended audience? 





How does its message work with the textbook's explanation of who supported tariffs and who did not? What does this tell us about the language and arguments used by political parties? 





Who is not mentioned in song?