God and Home and Native Land.

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Mrs. C. Blackall.
E. S. Lorenz.

1. For God, our great Commander,
We sound our battle cry,
And, strong in faith and courage,
March on to victory.

With Him our sure defender,
Our shield and guiding star,
We strive to lift the lowly,
And wage our peaceful war.)


For God and Home and Native Land!
We will daily labor, we will daily pray
Till there dawns the promised day.

2. For Home we hear the mandate,
"Go work while shines the day";
For Home, the nation's treasure,
We labor, watch, and pray.

For Home our forces rally,
Till joy and love shall reign;
This campaign of the ages
Shall righteous conquests gain.


3. For Native Land we'll battle
Till Satan's rule shall cease;
Humanity in bondage
Demands our war of peace.

Lo! dawns a day of triumph,
And wakes the victor song;
For God is God forever,
And right shall vanquish wrong.