The Temperance Ship.

Song performed by: Lisa Bennett, Jameela Huq (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

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Adapted from
John G. Whittier.
J. P. Holbrook

1. Take courage, temp'rance workers,
You shall not suffer wreck,
While up to God the people's pray'rs
Are rising from your deck.
Wait cheerily, temp'rance workers,
For day light and for land;
The breath of God is in your sail,
Your rudder in His hand!

2. Sail on! sail on! deep freighted
With blessings and with hopes;
The good of old with shadowy hands
Are pulling at your ropes.
Behind you, holy martyrs
Uplift the palm and crown;
Before you, unborn ages send
Their benedictions down.

3. Courage! your work is holy,
God's errands never fail!
Sweep on thro' storm and darkness,
The thunder and the hail!
Sail on! the morning cometh,
The port you yet shall win;
And all the bells of God shall ring
The ship of temp'rance in.

Used by permission.