Gospel Temperance Commission.

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Francis J. Barnes.
Harmonized by Joseph Barnby.

1. From the court of God in Heaven,
Royal mandate has been given,
Chains of habit shall be riven,
From the sons of men.
By the pow'r of Christ the Savior,
To deliver from the tempter
All who have been bound and burden'd
Shall arise again!
Who at ease in Zion
Dare retard the mission,
Lest they shall fight against the Lord and bring swift retribution?
Herald then the joyful mandate
To the people and the prelate!
Christ Himself hath said,
"Go tell it,"
Ev'ry band shall break!


2. Angel trumpeters are calling,
Spirits of the just are longing,
And the Church must speed the warning,
Gospel temp'rance cry!
Men and women, don the armor,
Take the shield, the sword, the helmet,
With the Spirit's mighty power
Tyrant Rum shall die!
Christians rise to honor,
Rend the "rings" asunder,
And by your vote and by your voice
Redeem the land from plunder.
Life and liberty are pleading,
Home and childhood interceding;
Love of law and country heeding,
Vote for God and Right!