Home Protection Song.

Song performed by: Jameela Huq (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

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Quartet and Chorus.
May be sung as Solo by omitting Chorus

J. M. Forden.
Eva Munson Smith.

1. Wake the song of Home Protection!
Hear those distant wailing sounds;
Feel the trembling of a nation,
Shaken to its utmost bounds.
Louder still, their echoes falling.
Startling now your list'ning ears;
Piteous cry of millions calling
You to stay a nations tears.


Chorus. With spirit.
Shout the song of Home Protection!
Fling our banner to the gale!
Drive the traffic from our nation,
God and Right must prevail.

2. Hark! oh hark! your hosts are marching,
Gath'ring for the coming fray;
Home Protection ranks enlarging,
Fast recruiting day by day;
Hasten the gird on your armor,
Useless scabbards cast aside,
Rally 'round your waving banners
Strike for home and manhood's pride.


3. Nearer swells the sound of battle.
Nerve your souls to join the fray:
On your out posts muskets rattle,
Choose your Captain, haste away!
Strike for wives in sorrow weeping,
Strike for orphans pleading cry;
Strike for hearts sad vigil keeping;
Vict'ry's coming by and by.