On Heights of Power. -- Memorial Hymn of the White Ribboners.

Song performed by: Lisa Bennett, Jameela Huq, Matthew Cummins (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

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(Written Aug. 25, 1892.)

Frances E. Willard.
Geo. Noyes Rockwell.

SOLO. With Expression.
1. Love's light illumines the pathway ye trod,
Comrades of yesterday, now Saints of God;
Gracious and great were your souls in their stay.
Greatest of all in their going away.
Blessing the world that you loved and you left.
Soothing the hearts that your going bereft,
Death did not daunt, and you feared not your fate --
Sweet sang your souls "We must love, trust and wait"


Born into beauty
And born into bloom,
Victors immortal o'er terror and tomb,
Fast fall our footsteps -- we follow from far,
Love's light leads heav'n-ward from gates left ajar.


2. SOLO.
Faith that makes faithfuyl and Truth that makes true,
Hallow our hearts from the heights gained by you.
Happy White Ribboners, home-like is heav'n.
God girds and guides us through help you have given.
Motherly spirits of sweetness and might,
We wear your symbol in ribbons of white.
"Christ and his Kingdom" our watchwords will stand;
Banners of peace shall enfold ev'ry land.