Short List of Suggested Documents

Compiled By Richard Schneirov, Indiana State University

Online Documents

  • Published documents from the trial and appeals, autobiographies of Parsons and Spies, Gov. Altgeld's pardon message, broadsides, and pictures of banners, wood engravings, prints, photographs etc. are available in the CHS digital collection.
  • Article on virtues of dynamite from Alarm. Full text is in the scroll down box on the right side.
  • Article on anarchy from the Alarm, August 22, 1885. Full text is in the scroll down box on the right side.
  • Albert Parsons, “What is Anarchy?” at The Lucy Parsons Project.
  • “The Principles Of Anarchism: A Lecture by Lucy E. Parsons” from the Lucy Parsons Center.:
  • Speeches of the convicted anarchists in court available in CHS digital collection.
  • Altgeld's pardon message is available in the CHS digital collection.
  • Spies and Parsons autobiographies are available in the CHS digital collection.

Published Primary Sources - Books

  • Flinn, John J. History of the Chicago Police. Chicago: Police Book Fund, 1887.
  • Foner, Philip S. The Autobiographies of the Haymarket Martyrs. New York: Humanities Press, 1969.
  • Kogan, Bernard R. The Chicago Haymarket Riot: Anarchy on Trial. Boston: D.C. Heath, 1959.
  • Lawson, John D., ed. “The Trial of the Chicago Anarchists: August Spies, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden, Albert R. Parsons, Adolph Fischer, George Engel, and Oscar Neebe for Conspiracy and Murder. Chicago, Illinois. 1886.” American State Trials. Vol. 12, pp. 1-316. St. Louis: F.H. Thomas Law Book Company, 1919.
  • Lum, Dyer. A Concise History of the Great Trial of the Chicago Anarchists in 1886. Condensed from the Official Record. Chicago: Socialistic Publishing Company, n.d.
  • Schaack, Michael J. Anarchy and Anarchists: A History of the Red Terror and the Social Revolution in America and Europe. Communism, Socialism, and Nihilism in Doctrine and in Deed. The Chicago Haymarket Conspiracy, and the Detection and Trial of the Conspirators. Chicago: F.J. Schulte & Company, 1889.
  • Spies, August, et. al. The Accused and the Accusers. The Famous Speeches of the Eight Chicago Anarchists in Court. Chicago: Socialistic Publishing Society, n.d.
  • Vachel Lindsay, “The Eagle That Is Forgotten.”

Published Primary Sources - Newspaper Articles and Editorials

  • “The Property Power,” Alarm, November 29, 1884.
  • IWPA Board of Trade demonstration, Chicago Tribune, Apr. 29-30, 1885 (see edit. Apr. 30, p. 4).
  • IWPA demonstration, Chicago Tribune, July 27, 1885.
  • IWPA demonstration, Chicago Tribune, Sept. 7, 1885, 2.
  • Alarm picnic, Chicago Tribune, Sept. 21, 1885, 8.
  • CLU meeting on eight-hour day strike, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 12, 1885, 8.
  • Anarchists on eight-hour day, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 26, 1885, 8.
  • Spies speaks before Congregational ministers, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 29, 1885, 8.
  • IWPA meeting, Chicago Tribune, Jan 11, 1886, 8.
  • Lucy Parsons speaks on riots; sees them as proto-revolutions, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 11, 1886, 8.
  • IWPA meeting, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 15, 1886, 2.
  • Editorial, Chicago Tribune, May 5, 1886:
  • Editorial, Chicago Tribune, May 6, 1886.
  • Account of Battle between Police and Strikers at McCormick Works, Chicago Herald, May 4, 1886:

Transcripts from the Trial and Aftermath

  • Revenge Circular (in English and German)
  • Newspaper Accounts of Haymarket Incident of May 4 (excerpts)
  • Closing Arguments to the Jury (excerpts)
  • Final Speeches of the Defendants (excerpts)
  • Judge Gary's Defense of His Action in “The Chicago Anarchists of 1886,” Century Magazine, XLV (April 1893): 803-37. (excerpts)